Yearbooks  Professionally Designed


Prices start at £12*
*price for a 40 page softback yearbook
(minimum quantity 75 copies)

The price will depend on the number of copies and the number of pages required. Each additional 4 pages adds 60p to your book.

Our yearbook service includes:

  • a bespoke design service tailored to your requirements
  • access to our extensive range of pre-designed layouts
  • up to 100 bespoke pages (1 page = 1 side)
  • our free 'Big Binder' starter pack including the 'Yearbook Guide'
  • free delivery

When requesting a quote, please provide a rough quantity of yearbooks needed and an estimated page count.

Please call 01427 884998 for additional information.

Yearbook Big Binder

The Big Binder contains a CD with lots of layouts and backgrounds to get you started and the Yearbook Guide.

You can use our pre-designed page layouts, or provide instructions for our designers to follow.

There is lots of helpful information about supplying text and pictures included in the yearbook guide.