Teacher Planners (Softback)

Prices start at £8.50 + VAT per copy
(Delivery £10 + VAT per 25, up to max £30 + VAT)

Our softback teacher planners are spiral-bound and fully bespoke throughout. Design work from your draft originals is included in the price. They are available in two sizes  A4  (210mm x 297mm)  and  B5  (176mm x 250mm).

Features include:

  • Strong steel spiral binding with endlock (1.2mm gauge wire)

  • Front and back outer polypropylene covers (optional extra)

  • Bespoke throughout

  • Up to 340 bespoke pages (1 page = 1 side)

Prices for softback teacher planner: The cost will depend on the number of copies and the number of pages required. Please request a quote based on your exact requirements. (Minimum order quantity: 40 copies)

Optional Extras for Softback Teacher Planners

Polypropylene Polypropylene Outer Covers
+15p per panel

Bound-in strong plastic wallet Bound-in strong plastic wallet
+35p each

Extra Bespoke Colour Pages Extra Bespoke Colour Pages
+2p per page

Extra Bespoke Black Pages Extra Bespoke Black Pages
+1p per page

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