Bespoke Secondary Exercise Books
Size: A4+ (216mm x 306mm)

Exercise Books

Prices start at 90p + VAT per book

Features include:

  • Size: A4+ (216mm x 306mm)
  • Bespoke full-colour outside covers
  • 48, 64 or 80 inside pages
  • Choice of rulings
  • Bound with 4 staples for extra strength
  • Bespoke information pages (extra cost)
  • Delivery included in price

Please complete the form below and we will provide you with a quote based on your requirements.

Free samples available upon request, please call 01427 884998 or email .

How to Order

Please begin by requesting a quotation based on the total number of exercise books required.

  • Follow the step-by-step guide to help compile the content for each edition required.

  • Send us your draft content.

  • We will design the books and send you a set of PDF drafts.

  • The drafts will be emailed back and forth until they are approved for print.

Please allow 4 weeks for production after the artwork has been approved.

  Download our guide for helpful information

Step 1 - Decide on a Cover Design

Most bespoke exercise books have covers with these elements:

  • School name/logo
  • Areas for subject-specific photographs or artwork
  • Areas for colour-coding by subject
  • The subject
  • Space for student name/form
  • Area for other logos or strapline

We have several templates for you to select from. Alternatively, you can supply your own.

Exercise Book Cover

Some example cover templates:

Step 2 - Choose a ruling

You can use one of our example rulings or we can create alternative rulings for you.

Please note: It is possible to have a mixture of rulings in a book e.g. alternate ruled and plain pages.

Example Rulings

Exercise Book Example Ruling 1

8mm ruled with margin

Exercise Book Example Ruling 2

7mm square

Exercise Book Example Ruling 3

10mm ruled with margin

Exercise Book Example Ruling 4

12mm ruled with margin

Exercise Book Example Ruling 5

8mm ruled without margin

Exercise Book Example Ruling 6

10mm ruled without margin

Exercise Book Example Ruling 7

12mm ruled without margin

Exercise Book Example Ruling 8

5mm squares

Exercise Book Example Ruling 9

10mm squares

Exercise Book Example Ruling 10

Plain / 8mm ruled

Exercise Book Example Ruling 11

Cornell Notes

Exercise Book Example Ruling 12


Step 3 - Bespoke Information Pages

Bespoke information can go on the inside front/back covers or inside the books. You can mock up your own pages (e.g. in MS Word) and we will design them for you. Alternatively, you can use your choice of software to create print-ready page designs.

Example Bespoke Information Pages - (extra charges apply - see 'Prices')


Prices will depend on the quantity required, the number of different editions, and the exact specification(s). Please request a quote using the form below.

Included in the price:

  • Bespoke Full colour print to outside cover
  • Cover lamination
  • Any ruling or mix of rulings
  • Design work, proof copies and delivery

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